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 Manual Plate Filter (Singer)


Filter-level Table

Micron 5 10 20 30 40 50 80 100 120 150 200 400 800
Mm 0.005 0.01 0.025 0.03 0.04 0.05 0.08 0.1 0.12 0.15 0.8 0.4 0.8
Mesh Count 3000 1500 750 550 400 300 200 150 120 100 80 40 20


Filter Fineness:

    Automatic filter have been wildly used as HVAC systems in industrial and commercial areas such as foodstuff, textile, metallurgy, plastic, medicine, building materials, paper-making, industry and commercial construction, etc. Filter-level is depends on your requirements of water quality in different conditions such as water system, equipment, water situation, etc. 


Application Industry Filter-level (μm) Common Flow (t/h)
Total supply water Foodstuff, textile, metallurgy, electronic, casting 50~100 15~500
Thin pipe/spray nozzle water Foodstuff, pulping, paper-making, mining, mechanical 20~100 7~200
generally circulating water Foodstuff, pulping, paper-making, mining, mechanical, metallurgy ≤ 100 20~800
circulating water for cooling tower Bypass filtering Foodstuff, electric power, mining, mechanical, metallurgy, medicine, petrochemical refinery, air-conditioning system or heating system ≤100 50~500
Full flow ≤75 7~250
Drinking water Municipal water supply, running water ≤50 ≤1000
Primary filtering before super filtering/reverse osmosis membrane Foodstuff, textile, electronic, chemical and pharmaceutical ≤10 5~50
Primary filtering before ion exchange Textile, electricity, medicine, metallurgy, petrochemical, pulping and paper-making, mechanical, electrical, foodstuff 50~100 10~250
Resin trap 100~200 10~200
Wastewater treatment and reuse Pulping, paper-making, foodstuff, mining, machinery, metallurgy 5~100 50~1000
Special water High saline Saltwater, seawater, brine filtration 50~170 15~500
High turbidity . ≤200 20~800
Advantage of Filtering System
Constant filtering efficiency

    As core element of filter, the uniformity of groove style filtering superposition piece reaches to international first rate standard. The filter is in effect for all kinds of suspension impurity including inorganic and organic impurity.

Low cost, reliable and long service life System

    The system has been identified through IS9002 international quality system. And all the products are tested overall before sold. It's almost without daily maintenance, installation and convenient operation, reliability transportation.

Filtration System's Application





Cooling circulating water treatment

Cooling water equipment, instruments and products cooling water

    It can solve the block problem effectively and reduces energy consumption and dosing amount too and prevent from stopping caused by trouble and reduce the expense of system maintenance

Steel and iron, power plant, petrochemical, plastic, running water primary filtration, machinery, etc

Membrane water treatment  


Membrane system protection

    The purpose of protecting precision element of filter and prolonging its life can be reached.

Water treatment

Water treatment

Spraying water treatment, protection granulated substance ponders, filter element, filter pocket, ion-exchange reactor, etc.

    Save total amount of water to be used and improve the quality of water and reduce or avoid sewage discharging directly to lead environmental pollution.

Electric power, chemical, automotive, paper-making and other industries

Seawater filtration

Pre-treatment of seawater desalt

    Remove impurity and ocean microorganism in seawater. The property of salt resistant and anticorrosion of plastic filter is better than metallic filter with expensive cost. And prolong its lift.

Water treatment

Other chemical fluid  

Solvent, emulsion, etc.


    Meet the production requirements. Protect equipments. All industries

Drip irrigation filtration

Cotton, fruit trees drip irrigation filter

Protect drip outlet

Large areas of crops land


1.Original Water
  Usually, we divide original water quality into four levels: excellent, ordinal, poor, worse.
Excellent quality of original water: uncontaminated city tap water, well water from stable water carrier;
Ordinal quality of original water: circulating cooling water, poor quality running water, surface water treated by precipitation, wastewater treated by  precipitation and biological;
Poor quality of original water: groundwater from water carrier of poor water quality, after effective precipitation but little biological treatment water, microbial blooms of surface water;
Worse quality of original water: iron well water or dirty well water, surface water influenced by flood but precipitation, high volume of suspended solids river water or other surface water, untreated water. ( This kind of water must be carry on the pretreatment to ensure the effectiveness. High volume of suspended solids water can be equipped with desander; and it needs aeration or coagulation pretreatment when the water is complex, such as those containing high iron and manganese.)

 Design precision of discs (µm):

20µm 50µm 80µm 100µm 120µm 150µm 200µm 300µm >400µm
Excellent quality of original water

Flow rate of one group(m3)

10m3 20m3 25m3 30m3 33m3 35m3 40m3 45m3 55m3
Ordinal quality of original water

Flow rate of one group(m3)

8m3 15m3 18m3 20m3 25m3 28m3 30m3 35m3 45m3
Poor quality of original water

Flow rate of one group(m3)

3m3 11m3 13m3 15m3 17m3 19m3 21m3 25m3 35m3
Worse quality of original water

Flow rate of one group(m3)

2m3 6m3 8m3 10m3 12m3 14m3 16m3 20m3 28m3


Principle of work


    Filter element of superposition piece disk style filter: The filtering superposition piece is a carrier for the mixture treatment. It superimposes by a group of a double-sided belt different direction trench's plastic disk sheet. While water passes through filtering superposition piece, under the action of spring and hydraulic the filtering superposition piece will be pressed closely, then they'll form numerous crossing of superposition piece. And impurity granule will be withheld at those crossing. The width of lamination is 12-14mm. It's made of high-quality engineering plastic, high wear resistance. Filtration accuracy depends on the depth and number of grooves. (Principle explanation like figure above)


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