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Filter Series
  Auto Disc Filter System
  Auto Disc Filter (Single)
  Manual Disc Filter (Single)
  Automatic Backwash Filter
  Water, Irrigation, Drip Filter
  Reused Water, Recycled Water, Cooling Water Filter
  Two-position Three-way Valve
  Y-type Filter
Flowmeter Series
  Plastic Rotameter (Long and Short Tube)
  Flange-type Flowmeter
  Polysulfone Flowmeter
  Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  Plexiglass Square Meter
  Observation Window








    Changzhou Duoling Flowmeter Factory is located in Changzhou Wujin District Lijia Town, which is alongside the Taihu Lake, in the center of the Yangtze River Delta. Since 1985 we have been developing and improving ourselves step by step on the basis of plastic rotameter oriented. Then, discs plate filtration system had also been brought in and researched by the year of 2005.

    Product types: filter, plate filter, discs filter, plate discs filter, 0-type stack filter,  irrigation filter, irrigation filtration system, reused water filter, cooling water filter, circulating water filter, water filter, two-position three-way valve, flow meter, rotameter, plastic flow meter, flange flow meter, polysulfone flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, plexiglass square meter, observation window, Y-type filter, injector and so on.   


    Duoling Flowmeter Factory has come out with the production of discs plate filtration system and two three-way valve on the foundation of powerful mold manufacturing capability as well as the quintessential plastics processing capacity. The two productions with high technology has been identified through relevant technical evaluation, undertaking stable and excellent quality and have been used as water-purifications in widely areas such as in industry, agriculture and environment and so on.

    The enterprise designed the system in strict accordance. Our discs plate filtration system and two-position three-way valve can satisfy different conditions of water treatment program, which improves the traditional sand filters and other filter backwash in waste water, backwash incompletely, cumbersome and so on. And they are considered as the best technology in the same level of filtering techniques, which are economical and practical and characteristic of high automation and small floor-space.

    Duoling Flowmeter Factory will be based on the spirit of innovation, practical, win-win, carry forward the spirit of national industries in unity, hard work, develop with water industry colleagues.




Address: Beizhuang Industrial Pack of Lijia Town in Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu

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